Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting

The General Meeting of Shareholders is the ultimate decision-making authority of the company. The Annual General Meeting convened by the Board and held in a place determined by the Board. In addition to the company’s registered office (Vaasa), the general meeting can be held in Helsinki, Espoo or Vantaa. The General Meeting is held annually within six months from the end of the previous financial year. An Extraordinary General Meeting may be convened to discuss a particular matter when the Board of Directors deems it appropriate or otherwise required by law.

The Annual General Meeting decides on matters required by the Companies Act and the Articles of Association.

The Annual General Meeting of Shareholders decides on, e.g.:
– Adoption of the financial statements
– Distribution of profits
– Discharging the members of the Board and the CEO from liability
– Electing the auditor of the company and decides on its remuneration

An Extraordinary General Meeting shall be held to consider certain matters when the Board of Directors deems it necessary or when requested in writing by the company’s auditor or the company’s shareholders holding at least 10 percent of all the company’s shares.

According to the Companies Act and the company’s Articles of Association, an invitation to the Annual General Meeting must be sent to shareholders in writing no earlier than three months and no later than one week before the record date of the Annual General Meeting.

The minutes of the Annual General Meeting will be published on the company’s website and will be kept available to shareholders for at least five years after the Annual General Meeting.

Shareholders’ rights at the Annual General Meeting
Lemonsoft has one series of shares and each share carries one vote at the Annual General Meeting. A shareholder may attend the Annual General Meeting herself or through a proxy. At the Annual General Meeting, all shareholders have the right to ask questions and the right to bring matters before the Annual General Meeting.

Annual General Meeting 2022

Lemonsoft Oyj’s Annual General Meeting was held on Tuesday 5 April 2022 at 10:00 (EET).

Materials for AGM:

Resolutions on AGM

Notice to the Annual General Meeting

Notice to the Annual General Meeting Appendix 1 – Charter of the Shareholders’ Nomination Board

Financial statements and report of the Board of Directors 2021

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting 5.4.2022 in Finnish