Lemonsoft’s sustainability programme

Sustainability is one of the most important values to us and an inseparable part of Lemonsoft’s business. For us, financial success is a part of sustainability as it provides the resources for strong development work now and in the future. We also deem it important to bear responsibility not only for the environment but also for people.

Financial responsibility
Lemonsoft aims to be a profitable and growing Finnish company, a trusted partner that bears its responsibility for the continuity and certainty of the business. For us, financial responsibility means that we ensure the profitability of our business, compliance with good governance and management of risks. We develop our products, services and expertise continuously to guarantee success for our customers. We believe that customers’ businesses that are streamlined with ERP systems will create success and result in the establishment of workplaces extensively across various sectors and in companies of various sizes, and in this way also generate tax income.

Social responsibility
Lemonsoft is a responsible employer that takes care of its employer obligations and invests in the expertise and ongoing training of its personnel and a safe work environment. We employ young talents just starting their career and see to their professional development. Lemonsoft offers motivating work equivalent to one’s skills in a positive and encouraging working environment, forming the basis of well-being at work at Lemonsoft. Both the technology used in our product development and the personnel demonstrate flexibility and a new way of working.

The development of the business of our customers also guides our operations. We listen to our customers’ wishes and develop our software solutions based on feedback from customers. The development proposals sent via our HelpDesk service are discussed every week. The approved development ideas are sent to our experts for implementation. We provide up-to-date information on the progress of a suggested development idea along with potential actions and a schedule for implementing it.

Environmental responsibility
The digitalisation of systems will considerably reduce our environmental burden as well as our customers. Lemonsoft’s software solutions will streamline the production and logistics of our customers, which will save raw material and energy and reduce emissions. Lemonsoft’s products play a key role when customers are adopting paperless working methods in their financial management.

Guidelines for business ethics

Corporate governance
Lemonsoft does not follow the Finnish Corporate Governance Code issued by the Finnish Securities Market Association. We seek to follow the development of corporate governance practices and apply them in to our own operations to the relevant extent. We pay special attention to supervision and reporting practices to ensure that the our operations are lawful and that we comply with the ethical principles.

Good business practice
We do not violate good business practice or use practices that are otherwise unfair to other entrepreneurs. We promote ethical practices in our business relationships.

The commercial purpose of our marketing clearly appears from the marketing. We observe generally accepted principles in our marketing.

We respect other cultures. Our business relations with the partners are determined on a commercial basis.

Anti-bribery & corruption
Bribery and other forms of corruption are prohibited in our operations. We will contribute to a society in which there is a high level of confidence in companies, enterprise, the market economy and the rule of law. Thus we take active measures to combat any form of bribery and corruption that can affect business relations.

Safe working environment and wellbeing at work
We offer a safe and positive workplace for our employees and actively promote their health, job satisfaction and personal development. We ensure that our employees have a work environment and working conditions that prevent hazards to physical and mental health and that promote job satisfaction and personal development. This encompasses management practices, workplace design, equipment, practices, job descriptions, opportunities for personal development and other aspects of the work environment. Lemonsoft has zero tolerance with regard to all forms of physical or verbal harassment and will take active measures against all occurrences of harassment. We monitor workload and, where necessary, takes action to ensure that work is distributed more evenly or workload is decreased.

Equal treatment of employees
We treat our employees equally unless there is an acceptable cause for derogation deriving from the duties and position of the employees.

We do not tolerate discrimination and work proactively to combat all forms of discrimination in terms of, for example, wage formation and career development. We introduce appropriate processes to identify and deal with all cases of discrimination.

Prohibition of child labour
We do not tolerate the use of child labour or forced labour. We do not tolerate the economical exploitation of children in any form.

Respect of intellectual property rights
We comply with and respect applicable laws and regulations as well as international conventions and treaties relating to the protection of intellectual property rights, such as copyrights, patents, trade marks and designs. We respect the intellectual property rights of others and make sure that it does not violate the protected rights or business secrets of other parties or exploit them without authorisation when developing, producing and delivering products and services and when using third-party products or services that are protected by intellectual property rights.

We actively contribute to sustainable development by taking the environment into account in all aspects of our business. We use natural resources sparingly. In our contacts with our customers and partners, we intend to highlight the environmental benefit provided by our products and services. We welcome all forms of initiatives from our employees, customers and partners that will help us to reduce the adverse environmental impact of our business.